Kong: Skull Island Movie Release Date

Kong: Skull Island movie release date

Kong: Skull Island movie release date has been announced. Read the details below.

Among the characters of mass culture the giant prehistoric ape, King Kong has a special place. The first movie about this creature was released in 1933 and eventually even gained the cult status due to the impressing plot and special effects.  After there were released several sequels, but the most popular variation of this story was the movie released in 1976. It was considered “the classic of the genre” until 2005 when Peter Jackson’s remake of the original 1933 movie was demonstrated.  After 10 years since Jackson’s move, there was announced a new remake to this classic story – Kong: Skull Island movie premiere.


The detailed plot of Kong: Skull Island movie is kept in secret. However, we know that events will unfold on the Skull Island- that is their native island of King Kong, showed in all movie adaptations. However, in this stunning part of the creative team, you can be sure that the plot will not disappoint and the visual part will be quite spectacular.

Interesting Facts

The new movie about Kong will be directed by Jordan Roberts. The main role in the movie will be performed Tom Hiddleston (the famous Loki from The Avengers franchise).

To the casting also joined J.K. Simmons, who played a sadistic teacher in the drama “Whiplash”. However, it is unclear what character he will perform. The script was written by Max Borenstein (he worked on the latest remake of “Godzilla”).

Kong: Skull Island movie release date has been announced

This tape can be considered as a continuation of the franchise, as its prehistory. On the set, it was announced only at the end of 2014 (hint, however, made another Comic-Con in San Diego) so that the details are not yet known. However, some information has leaked to the press.

Kong: Skull Island movie release date is scheduled for March 10, 2017.

Kong: Skull Island movie release date on Bluray and DVD will happen in summer of 2017.

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