Knifeman 1 Season Release Date

Knifeman 1 season release date

Knifeman 1 season release date has been rumored by AMC channel. You can read the details further.

The cable network AMC has decided to keep up with competitors and announced the launch of a medical TV series called Knifeman 1 season premiere that is based on the biography of a certain Scottish surgeon named John Hunter. The upcoming TV show will also be an adaptation of the popular book called “The Knife Man: the Extraordinary Life and Times of John Hunter, Father of Modern Surgery” authored by Wendy Moore. When to expect for Knifeman season 1 episode 1? Get the information below.

In the director’s chair sat Craig Zisk (Office Shameless, American Horror Story), and the script is entrusted to write R. Jones (Boardwalk Empire, Low Winter Sun). It is known that the production will be in charge of Media Rights Capital.

Knifeman 1 season release date has been rumored by AMC

The story centers on a genius of his time (this is 18th-century London), a doctor by vocation John Hunter (played by Tim Roth), who loves to go against the rules and customs of his age. In his life a little joy, but a lot of alcohol, which he loves as well as their work. For the sake of success, the doctor is ready to go to great lengths to expand the horizons of contemporary surgery.

Knifeman 1 season release date will probably happen in 2016 though there are no official confirmations by AMC yet.

Knifeman 1 season release date on DVD and Bluray will happen in 2016.

While waiting, watch the video about the real John Hunter:

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