Kingdom Come: Deliverance Release Date

Kingdom Come: Deliverance release date is scheduled

Kingdom Come: Deliverance release date brings only good news. Date promising game is already defined.

What is this game about? What is Kingdom Come: Deliverance’ plot? In short, it is a realistic medieval role-playing game. Well, it’s quite short comparing to other RPGs.

The plot and background

If you have time and you have a lot of time playing computer game about the Middle Ages, then try to remember what they were. Usually it’s fantasy or, more rarely, historical reconstruction. These games were good, but they were all too similar. If remembered and seen in this description, the Kingdom Come game for you.

Imagine a game in which there is all the “arsenal of modern games,” namely, – linear plot, the ability to perform the task and varied while still having the historicity and realism. The developers decided to go in a similar way with the writers of the popular movie “Interstellar”, i.e. as we know, was invited to create realistic physics. The creators of Kingdom Come: Deliverance invited experts of martial arts of the Middle Ages to recreate historically true techniques and methods of the 15th century (during this period of time and there is a plot of the game). There is also a realistic, large and dynamic world. In addition to the beautiful surrounding nature and it have people in the world who, in addition, go about their business, and can interfere in your affairs. Events unfold themselves in the late Middle Ages in Bohemia.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance release date


Kingdom Come: Deliverance will use a classless system RPG, which will choose the skills to become a warrior, a bard, a thief or something in-between. On the skills, affect the way we play as engage in a dialogue, etc. Also, our actions affect the reputation of the hero. And already it affects the way we will be true citizens of the world – like a criminal, as a hero, or as to the usual “boyfriend”.

The game has a fun craft system, implemented in the form of mini-games. It also lends credence to such a historical reconstruction.

In the Kingdom Come: Deliverance you can feel yourself generals in the first person. Answer for you on your question – yes, we’ll storm the castles and look at the battlefield through the eyes of his hero, but to attack the castle we are not alone (our hero is still not Superman, but a person, “inscribed” in the real story) so first we will need to collect an army. And for this we have to remember the phrase attributed to Napoleon: “In war, you need three things: money, money, money and more time”.

These words proved to be important for the development of computer games. Indeed, the very development of the game took place in constant throwing Daniel Vavra (the creator of the game), in search of investors. In the end he succeeded.

The game will be released on the engine CryEngine 3. Kingdom Come develops game studio Warhorse Studios, platforms Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance release date is scheduled for Fall 2015.

PC, Linux and Mac release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is Fall of 2015.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance release date on Xbox one and PS4 is scheduled for the 4th quartet of 2015.

Are you waiting for this game to be released this year?

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