Jurassic World Release Date

Jurassic World release date

Jurassic World release date is highly expected in this year. We have details on this upcoming movie.

Plunge into the world in the summer of Jurassic – where the events will be unfold 22 years after the events of the first film – Jurassic Park directed by Steven Spielberg. The events of the movie will be on the island Nublar, where once the situation with the dinosaurs went out of control.

Details on Jurassic World release date

Park has been working flawlessly, but there is a problem of a different order: the flow of visitors begins to decrease. To attract more people to the island, the management decided to open a new attraction. And, as you might guess, soon to all individuals on the island becomes to entertainment.

Around Jurassic World release date and plot were many secrets and mysteries, which is likely to unfold only in the movies. It is known that the film will be artificially created a new dinosaur, which will be the main problem. It is expected that the film will present a lot of surprises, most of them touches it dinosaurs, their habits, and behavior. People in the new movie about dinosaurs will be once again put to the test by fear.

Jurassic World release date is highly expected

The creators of Jurassic World

But rating movies (12+) promises still more dynamic than tense and frightening scenes. One of the main roles in the film will perform actor Chris Pratt, best known for “Guardians of the Galaxy.” His partner in the film will be actress Bryce Dallas Howard, who had to play in the “Twilight Saga” and the last “Terminator” and many other films. Between the two main characters of the opposite sex in a movie is always the possibility of a love line and, most likely, a new part of Jurassic World without this will not do for sure.

In the center of the picture also will be two teenagers (Nick J. Robinson and Ty Simpkins), who, like brother and sister in the film in 1993 will have to sweat and run by dinosaurs. None of the actors who starred in the first of the franchise, the project never came back. Directly involved in the making of the film took Steven Spielberg, who directed the first two tapes, but this time he acted as executive producer.

The movie director Colin Trevorrow was selected. For him, this is the first really big project. Some viewers it can be known for the film “Safety is not guaranteed” (2012). Work on the “Jurassic World” was a very long time. The film is dependent on the stage of production for more than 10 years. Several times there was information that we are working on the script, but again after a lull. In 2013, it became known the name of the director. Filming began in April 2014 and took four months.

The released movie “Jurassic World” (Jurassic World) – June 11, 2015.

DVD and Bluray release date of Jurassic World are highly expected at the end of 2015 or the very beginning of 2016.

Will you watch the new movie about dinosaurs – Jurassic World?

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