John Wick 2 Release Date

John Wick 2 release date

John Wick 2 release date was announced. When to expect the sequel to this action movie?

John Wick became the comeback of Keanu Reeves. After the first week of box office, the movie earned about $79 million with the budget picture of 20 million that were gathered via Kickstarter.

In February 2015 it was reported from the first film directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski that they come already working on the second part of the film.

According to the creators, John Wick sequel will be even steeper than the first one.

John Wick 2 release date was announced

“We have created the idea for a few days, we know that we can surpass the original action,” said Chad Stahelski.

Now the film has fans and prospects for the development of a much larger deductible.

John Wick 2 release date was planned for 2017.

DVD release of John Wick 2 season will not earlier at the end of 2017.

John Wick 2 season release date on Bluray is planned in 2017.

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