Jessica Jones 1 Season Release Date

Jessica Jones 1 season release date

Jessica Jones 1 season release date was announced. Check the details below.

Many comic fans want to know, when will Jessica Jones 1 season premiere happen? The release of this TV project excites many spectators who enjoyed watching Daredevil also released on Netflix.

Jessica Campbell John Cage, which is still known as Power Woman is the character of the comic book published by Marvel Comics. This character was created by Michael Gaydos. It first appeared in 2001.

The series Jessica Jones previously got rid of the strange prefix “AKA”, a TV series and now bears the name of the main character. In this series by Melissa Rosenberg, the main role is played by the actress Krysten Ritter. The series will be the second in a series of Marvel Universe series (the first TV series is Daredevil).

Jessica Jones 1 season release date was announced

The plot:

The tragic events have interrupted the short career as a superhero, Jessica Jones. The girl tries to recover his personal life and his career as a private investigator. She investigates the mysterious activity of people with supernormal in New York.

Jessica Jones 1 season release date will happen the end of 2016.

Jessica Jones 1 season release date on Bluray and DVD will probably happen in the very beginning of 2017.

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