iZombie 2 Season Release Date

iZombie 2 season release date

iZombie 2 season release date is scheduled on CW channel. The first season – its pilot – has been just broadcasted on TV.

In the spring of this year will start showing the new television series about zombies on channel CW. Even before the beginning of broadcasting, many viewers began to wonder whether there will be a release date for the sequel of this interesting TV show?


This new zombie series is based on the popular comic book series with the same title from the famous American publisher of graphic novels Vertigo. The story tells of a girl of twenty years, who is studying to be a doctor. She gets a job as an assistant medical examiner and police detective. Such work a hero chooses not by casual – she needs constant and free access to the corpses or more precisely to their brains.

iZombie 2 season release date is scheduled

The girl became a real zombie. To maintain his human form, it is necessary at least once a month to eat human brains. With every eaten brain, she sees the memories and thoughts of the deceased person. At first, she is a serious obstacle, but then using that, she begins to uncover crimes and fulfill the last will of the deceased.

There is no official information about the future of the series. Follow us and learn about the first 2 season.

iZombie 2 season release date is scheduled for the very beginning of 2016.

DVD release of iZombie 2 season is planned for summer of 2016.

iZombie 2 season release date on Bluray will be somewhere at the end of 2016.

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