iPhone 6S Release Date

iPhone 6S release date

iPhone 6S release date was finally confirmed by Apple. The details about the new iPhone 6S are given below.

All lovers of Apple devices are probably already waiting for the new modern smartphone called iPhone 6S.

It has already appeared some information on what to expect from the new gadget, and whether it will change key OS or not.

The details about iPhone 6S release date:

So, it was reported that the new iPhone 6S premiere will reveal that the design will evolve from its “younger brother” iPhone 6. Also, the device will get a new screen with a new technology called Force Touch.

iPhone 6S release date was finally confirmed

This technology is already used in other gadgets from the company Apple – called iWatch. The new display technology will allow users to feel the depth of the new smartphone. For example, if you are used to always use the cards, then during, as well as a long press will be easy to put a label. Also, this technology will easily control the playback in the player.

The good news is that apple gives the user a choice right from iPhone 6s release date. Everyone will be able to independently determine whether he wants to use the new display technology Force Touch or not.

iPhone 6S release date is expected in autumn of 2015.

Let’s wait for iPhone 6S release date and check whether all these details will be implemented and in what way.

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