The Hunger Games 5 Release Date

The Hunger Games 5 release date

The Hunger Games 5 release date was scheduled. With the movie “The Hunger Games 4: Mockingjay Part 2” the story of Katniss ends.

But according to Francis Lawrence, Lionsgate can make more films about the world of Panem. When will The Hunger Games 5 happen? There will be charged a new part of this popular franchise.

The confirmation: 

Three of the planned four-part movies from the franchise Hunger Games and they received their full recognition. Recall, which in a scenario of a popular trilogy written by Suzanne Collins. In 2015, part 4 will be released with Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role. The second part of Mockingjay will attempt to break the record ratings of the previous installments of the franchise.

Worldwide fans just love the world of Hunger Games. Marketologists’ study proved that audiences want to see not just Katniss, Pete and Gale, but also other  of minor heroes.

The Hunger Games 5 release date was scheduled

Speaking to MTV, Francis Lawrence admits that the idea of making part 5 is very tempting, but also very risky. “Everyone talks about the expansion of the franchise” – says the director. However, he also shares the concerns about the immersive Katniss to develop new characters.

“I just think we should go in this direction very carefully. A huge part of these films has been built on an amazing character Katniss. Continue the story with other characters is really risky”.

The main issue for the company Lionsgate is whether to go to this risk or not. True it is worth noting that the main reason for the success of the franchise The Hunger Games – actress Jennifer Lawrence. She became one of the most famous actresses in the world.

The Hunger Games 5 release date is yet to be announced.

Do you like movies in this series? Will you watch the new parts, but without Katniss?

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