Horizon: Zero Dawn Release Date

Horizon: Zero Dawn release date

Horizon: Zero Dawn release date was announced during Sony’s E3 press conference. The details are given below.

During September of 2014, there appeared rumors about a new project from the creators of Killzone – the studio Guerrilla Games. At the press conference during E3, Sony confirmed the new game company actually called Horizon: Zero Dawn and it will be released in 2016.

The plot:

This adventure third-person shooter is the main character of which is a red-haired hunter and archer Scarlet. The world around us and thvibrant nature hide under a forgotten all civilizations and advanced machines are at the top of the food chain. Scarlet was banished from her community and has been trained to hunt for these mechanisms. Trying to unravel the mystery surrounding her, she will go on a quest, and eventually will learn all about his fate.

As with conventional animals, the representatives of the robotic “fauna” differ from each other. Some traveling in herds, some prefer solitude, but they are very dangerous. A player will learn more about their behavior and skills and find their weaknesses; otherwise, it will be impossible to survive. Subtlety, agility, and cunning will help get closer to its prey and does not die on its mechanical legs.

Of course, Scarlet will not have any futuristic weapon. Her weapon will combine natural materials with the mechanisms from robot-dinosaurs – from these parts players must make traps, tools, ammunition and unusual weapons.

Horizon: Zero Dawn release date was announced

In the upcoming months, the creators promise to share more details about Horizon: Zero Dawn premiere. It is likely that the more we learn only in December when the PlayStation Experience 2015 will take place.

Horizon: Zero Dawn release date was confirmed for 2016 (there is no exact date).

Horizon: Zero Dawn release date will be exclusive only for PS4 platform.

Horizon: Zero Dawn release date is not expected at other platforms, including PS3.

What are you waiting from Horizon: Zero Dawn premiere?

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