Home Alone 6 Release Date

Home Alone 6 release date

Home Alone 6 release date may happen sooner than anyone has expected.

If you were a kid in the 90s you have definitely watched at least on a movie of the popular franchise Home Alone. The first two movies were about a boy named Kevin. His family constantly forgot him alone in a house during an annual Christmas trip.

Chris Columbus’ comedy Home Alone has collected more than $478 million while being showed in cinemas. Such results are great considering the modest budget of $18 million. It even spawned a number of similar comedy and jokes like the one that we can hear in Dogma. Whatever it was, the first Home Alone movie was the beginning of the franchise, which now consists of five installments. Though the last two movies were not big hits they are still considered as good family movies. It means that Home Alone 6 premiere will definitely happen.

Home Alone 6 release date has not yet been scheduled. The shooting will start not earlier than the Q1 of 2017.

Bluray and DVD release date of Home Alone 6 may appear only in 2018.

Home Alone 6 release date may happen soon


Plot of Home Alone 5

The fifth Home Alone movie represented something like a reboot of the series. It played up just the same story that was in the original of the first tape. This time, however, the events are unfolding in Maine. So, the family Baxter comes into this gloomy area of sunny California. Youngest child, a ten-year boy named Finn, feels uncomfortable in the new house. He feels that his family chose a mansion inhabited by ghosts. One day, being at home alone, he sets traps, which must get the evil spirits. However, they do not get the ghosts and hapless robbers.

Let’s see what will happen in Home Alone 6.

For now watch Home Alone movie trailer:

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