Haven 6 Season Release Date

Haven 6 season release date

Haven 6 season release date is scheduled. Are you waiting for the new season of Haven?

Will there be new adventures of the mystical adventures of an FBI agent – Audrey Parker in this small but very enigmatic and mysterious town of Haven?

At the moment, the ratings of the fifth season of Haven poor. The first series published September 11, 2014 attracted to television screens 1.04 million viewers, followed by the same series of output ratings started to fall more likely reaching 700-800 thousand per episode.

And although official statements from the SyFy channel has not yet been reported show very close hanging on the edge. Previous Eric Balfour said that the fifth season of Haven “may well be” the last in this series.

Haven 6 season release date is scheduled

It is also worth noting that the fifth season was divided into two parts: the first part of which will end December 5, 2014. The second part of the fifth season will be released in 2015.

Haven 6 season release date is-yet to be announced.

DVD and Bluray release date of Haven 6 season is not known since the release date has not been announced.

Would you like to see the sixth season of Haven?

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