Harvest 1 Season Release Date

Harvest 1 season release date

Harvest 1 season release date was announced. The news is given here.

The first in 9 years criminal drama by Spike TV is now in production and it is produced by the head of Warner Horizon Television and Jerry Bruckheimer. The TV channel Spike has ordered the production of ten episodes for Harvest 1 season premiere.

The series will be created thanks to the collaboration of Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Caribbean) and studio Warner Horizon Television. Matt Morgan is the main screenwriter (wrote for the series From Dusk Till Dawn). Jonathan Littman will also work as the executive producer. But let’s talk a little bit about the plot of the upcoming picture.

Harvest 1 season release date was announced

The Plot:

This is a story about a single father who works hard to ensure a good life for his child. He combines the work of the caretaker of the cemetery and the medical school. But everything changes the day when our hero finds his own father and under the pretext of opening some family secrets forced to do with him and the trafficking of illegal transplantation of human organs.

Harvest 1 season release date was scheduled for early 2017.

Spike TV hasn’t yet announced the release date of Harvest 1 season on DVD and Bluray.

There is no official Harvest 1 season trailer, you can watch the news about this show on Spike TV:

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