Hangover 4 Release Date Premiere 2015

Hangover 4 Release Date

Hangover 4 release date is rumored to be in 2015. Do you want to see the last installment including familiar characters from the first three movies in The Hangover franchise?

The first three parts of The Hangover franchise was a huge success. Therefore, the producer of all movies Todd Phillips said that the forth movie will be the last one. However, it is unlikely that filmmakers will easily give up with such a profitable franchise. Despite the statement was made, the whole world is waiting for news about Hangover 4 release sate. After all, fans of the movie deserved to the see another movie about hangover experiences of 4 friends.

Rumored Hangover 4 Release Date

Some rumors had spread to the press unofficially. For example, it is known for sure that the fourth movie will not continue to story of protagonists from the first three movies. This will be a totally new story of four middle-aged friends, one of them decided to get married and then you may guess what happened. And despite their age, friends decide to arrange a bachelor party, and go to Vegas, where they eventually have to get the weirdest and funniest (for the audience) experience in their boring lives. By the way, the bride will be a young girl who is twice younger than her fianc?.

New characters and new actors… We can say that this movie will turn be rather a spin-off than a 100% sequel in the franchise. The allegedly full name of the movie will be “The Last Hangover”.

Hangover 4 release date is yet to be confirmed. The supposed premiere date is late 2015.

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