Green Lantern 2 Release Date

Green Lantern 2 release date

Green Lantern 2 release date is one of rumored comic movies that many fans are expecting.

In 2001, viewers saw a fantastic film called Green Lantern. The film received very mixed reviews from audiences and critics, who accused the makers of the excessive use of graphic effects.

In spite of this, the company Warner Bros. plans to shoot the second movie of this franchise, even despite the fact that the first reel of film was unprofitable. Cash charges were 100 million with its production budget of 200 million USD. However, these companies still calculate in advance and are unlikely to be made ??in advance doomed sequel.

Green Lantern 2 release date is rumored

Plot rumors:

Green Lantern franchise has many fans, add to increasing popularity of film adaptations of the works of DC Comics. All this can be a good basis for the continuation of the story of Hal Jordon. Will the second part of Green Lantern movie franchise be more successful than the first film? Surely, the creators will take care of this and will prepare the audience for something fun and exciting.

According to rumors, the new movie Green Lantern 2 movie’s protagonist combined with other superhero – Flash, but these are only rumors. Maybe Green Lantern lights up more in the series and the fact same whet interest in the future of film.

What does Ryan Reynolds say?

It is worth noting that the actor Ryan Reynolds did not want to appear in the sequel. However, the final “no” he did not say: “What can make me go back a second movie? It’s a good plot and a new director. I think Joss Whedon and Christopher Nolan were able to shoot a great movie”.

Green Lantern 2 release date is about 2017.

And did you like the first movie? Want to see the second part with some cast changes?

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