Green Lantern 2 Release Date

Green Lantern 2 release date

Green Lantern 2 release date has been leaked. There is an exact (confirmed) date of Green Lantern 2 premiere.

The second part of Green Lantern movie franchise will continue the adventures of a superhero Hal Jordan. In The Galaxy, there is a special unit of soldiers, pilots, known as the Green Lanterns. They do not just have an incredible power but also protect the laws of their universe. Each of them has an amulet – a ring-lantern. Previously, Hal was having such a ring that was feeding on its fears and was filled with his inner strength. As a result, he becomes the owner of the new magical ring and it becomes yellow in his hands this time, not green. In Green Lantern 2 movie Hall will face a super-villain – Sinister. Now from his actions depends on the fate of many people who are waiting for the brave deeds of him.

It is not known for sure who will play Green Lantern since Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool right now. Follow our updates to get this info earlier than others.

Green Lantern 2 release date has been leaked

Green Lantern 2 release date is scheduled for June 19, 2020.

DVD release date of Green Lantern 2 should be expected somewhere in late autumn of 2020.

Green Lantern 2 release date on Bluray is also expected in late fall of 2020.

While you are waiting for the premiere, check Green Lantern 2 movie trailer (fan-made). Follow our website to get the first glimpse at the first official trailer of Green Lantern 2:

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