Gold Movie Release Date

Gold movie release date was scheduled

Gold movie release date was scheduled. You can read the details further.

Gold is a new drama movie from the director Stephen Gaghan, who also wrote the script for this project, in which the main role will be played by Matthew McConaughey. What to expect from Gold movie premiere?

Stephen Gaghan already has the Oscar for the best screenplay and Matthew McConaughey won the award for best actor for the movie “Dallas Buyers’ Club” so the audience will have an interesting work of the Oscar-winning tandem.

For a viewer is accustomed to that in the film Matthew McConaughey appears in unusual movies and in the  movie Gold he appears on the screen with bald patches on the head, hair extensions and allocates the stomach.

Gold movie release date

The Plot:

The story told in Gold movie actually happened twenty years ago – with Kenny Wells in 1993 who found in the jungles of Indonesia’s largest gold mine.

His discovery he shared with only one person: geologist Michael Acosta, who, along with Wells sent to the Indonesian jungle. There the two of them will try to extract the precious metal on their own. Two failed prospector sacrifice much to implement their plans, and the viewer can only wait, what is this story will end.

Gold movie release date was scheduled for 2016.

There is no information about the release date of Gold movie on DVD or Bluray.

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