God Eater 2 Season Release Date

God Eater 2 season release date

God Eater 2 season release date was announced. The details are given below.

God Eater a.k.a. ??????? a. k.a. Goddo ?t? 2 season premiere was planned. The game with the same title caused the appearance of the anime TV show.

The Plot:

God Eater show differs interesting plot and high-quality graphics. The focus of the audience was the trio of heroes who possess some divine weapon. And so the three heroes of the Cross begin a campaign against the terrible monsters that have long terrorized the civilian population. The chief among that trio becomes Soma, which is taking the lead in this work.

God Eater 2 season release date was announced

The effect of this anime takes place in 2071 in the Far East, where there is an exhausting war of people with an unknown form of life – cells of Oracle, which, like the plague, spread throughout the world for about twenty years ago and began to absorb all the living. Cells Oracle may take the form of “violent gods” – Aragami – terrible, blood-thirsty monsters, no mercy, and that cannot be killed with the help of conventional weapons. To combat these creatures set up a special organization Fenrir. Its fighters use a special type of weapon, the so-called “divine mechanism” or Jinky – “live” weapons created from the cells of Arago, which may take the form of firearms or blade, or both together. For the ability to destroy the “fierce gods” with “divine mechanism” soldiers received the nickname of the Gods Eaters.

Interesting storyline and rich soil for a fascinating fantasy guarantee the possibility to the second season.

God Eater 2 season release date was announced for the Q1 of 2016.

God Eater 2 season release date on DVD and Bluray will probably happen in Q2 of 2016.

While waiting, please watch God Eater 1 season premiere:

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