Galyntine 1 Season Release Date

Galyntine 1 season release date

Galyntine 1 season release date has been rumored by AMC officials. The pilot is currently in production.

New post-apocalyptic drama series Galyntine by the channel AMC, known for the TV series The Walking Dead, Mad Men and “Breaking Bad. When to expect for Galyntine season 1 episode 1 premiere? Get the information below.

The Plot:

Action-adventure fantasy drama will be set in the world of the future. On Earth, there was a global technogenic catastrophe, because of which the planet could survive only a few. People scattered in different corners of the globe, and to adapt to new conditions of life, avoiding the use of any form of technology, without which they could not do before the accomplished deadly apocalypse.

Galyntine 1 season release date has been rumored by AMC officials

Galyntine is a unique series that describes a completely different world, a world with its own traditions, its mythology. This world is made up of part futuristic, part ancient, part magic, part fantasy and part apocalyptic worlds. There will be strange creatures. The futuristic nano-machines are also included. The incredible stuff will happen on the screen. All that we see in the series is different from the now existing and predicted that there will be, in principle, impossible! There is not the slightest idea how this whole fantasy world of Jason Cahill works until you see it for yourself!

Galyntine 1 season release date is expected in Q1 of 2016. Follow our updates to find out.

There is no information about the release date of Galyntine 1 season on DVD or Bluray.

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