Frozen 2 Release Date

Frozen 2 release date

Frozen 2 release date was announced by Disney. The details are explained below.

Very soon we will be able to watch Frozen 2 premiere – the sequel to the popular Disney animated movie which premiered December 12, 2013 with a budget of $ 150 million.

After Frozen premiere has received the status of the cash cartoon Disney, respectively, of cash cartoon in the history of cinema.

Frozen is the highest-grossing release of 2013 in the list according to Wikipedia portal, takes the 8th place. The cartoon even received two Academy Awards for The Best Animated Movie and The Best Song.

The Plot:

In the story of the valiant and courageous friend save his country from the onset of eternal winter. There is the kingdom located in a beautiful place in the world. People who live there do not know the troubles, the weather is always whispers, the treasury of the kingdom is full of untold riches.

The queen Elsa possessing magical powers, one of rock days did not cope with their responsibilities that puts the kingdom in eternal winter. After that, she leaves her kingdom desperate to not cause more damage.

She has a younger sister Anna, who considers her not guilty, and all that happened is pure coincidence. After all, only by virtue of Elsa return to warmer weather.

Anna goes in search of the legitimate queen, to her company gets a climber earlier to permafrost, ice traded. Their company is adjacent deer faithful climber named Sven, three of them are sent on a dangerous journey in search of the lost sister.

Along the way they meet another friend, snowman Olaf, the creator of which was a queen.

Frozen 2 release date was announced by Disney

Already four of them save the kingdom, not only from the Ice Age, but not net of the hands of Prince Hans, who in the absence of a legitimate ruler, invaded by the wealthy prince.

As for the plot of the second part, the details yet, but the Internet has leaked information that the actress voiced the role of the Queen Elsa  at one of the shows, the question of its participation in the musical based on the cartoon said that will not participate, but in the sequel to Frozen she hopes to voice act as well.

According to many unofficial rumors, we will be able watch Frozen 2 premiere in November of 2016. Tough there are possible changed in Frozen 2 release date.

Also there is no official information about Frozen 2 release date on DVD and Bluray.

While waiting, please watch Frozen movie trailer 2:

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