Flash 3 Season Release Date

Flash 3 season release date

Flash 3 season release date was announced. The news is written in details below.

The CW channel announced Flash 3 season premiere. What should comics fans wait from Flash season 3 episode 1?

The first season of the show appeared in 2014. The director’s chair was occupied by David Nutter and starring such actors as Grant Gustin, Rick Cosnett, and Candice Patton.

In the past few years, viewers around the world are very popular series, where the protagonists – superheroes. One of such popular heroes of our time is Flash, the story of whom is popular in many countries.

The plot:

When the main character of the series – Barry Allen – was 11 years old, he witnessed a terrible accident. Barry saw the terrible and mysterious murder of his mother.

When the father of the hero resting after night duty, they broke into the apartment huge ball of light inside which is a mysterious person. It accuses him and the protagonist in the death of his mother.

Flash 3 season release date was announced

After this terrible tragedy as a boy lost his father, who was accused of murdering his wife. Little boy with his story of a giant fireball course nobody believed it. With regard of Barry, he finds himself in an orphanage.

After many years, the main character works as the medical examiner in a police station. All these years, he cannot forget that fateful evening. The guy tries to find clues terrible death of his mother. As a result of its investigation, Barry goes to the secret unit. Barry was near the device when there was a massive explosion. From the impact of electricity, our hero falls into a coma, where he stayed for nine months. After Barry woke up, he found the changes in his body – it became stronger, all the receptors worsened, and he began to move with the lightning speed.

Later, it becomes clear that in addition to Barry there are people who have been affected by this device as well. It is they who are guilty of the death of my mother.

Flash 3 season release date is planned for October 2016.

Flash 3 season release date on Bluray and DVD will probably happen in the end of 2016.

While waiting, please watch Flash 2 season trailer:

Are you the fan of the show? What do you expect from the 3rd season?

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