Faking It 3 Season Release Date

Faking It 3 season release date

Faking It 3 season release date was confirmed. The fact that the leadership of the MTV decided to order an additional 10 episodes for the series Faking It, speaks about the great prospects and popularity of the series. Will appear when the same “Falsification” season 3? Will do a sequel? Released a new series of concern to many.

In the center of the history of Faking It  – two best friends who are beginning to impersonate a lesbian couple to become popular among their peers. However, the real feelings break their ostentatious game.

Starring in serialae which debut in April 2013 showed the best ratings of the channel, perform Katie Stevens and Rita Wolf. In addition to them in the show are shot Gregg Sulkin, Michael J.. Willett, Bailey Byunteyn.

Faking It 3 season release date was confirmed

The first 10 episodes of the second season started on September 23. After a short pause will go another ten episodes. But the third season can be expected in the autumn of 2015.

Faking It 3 season release date Fall 2015 (approximately).

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