Extant 3 Season Release Date

Extant 3 season release date

Extant 3 season release date is scheduled for the next year. The information on Extant 3 season premiere is given below.

Are you watching for Extant season 3 episode 1 premiere? Do you watch the sci-fi series with Halle Berry?

The Plot:

The plot is about a beautiful woman named Molly Watts. It has a completely unfeminine occupation. Who would have thought that Molly – a cosmonaut? Molly was sent to the space mission, and a year later returned to Earth. She finally back home, next to his beloved family. She has a beautiful little son named Ethan, as well as a wonderful loving husband John. As it has been already mentioned, Molly spent a year in space expedition. Then she finds out that there is in a very interesting position. Molly is already in the second month of pregnancy.

But she does not understand how this is possible because it does not change its beloved husband. But how to prove to John that her conscience is not clear? Does Molly not know what will bring the news to the family – joy or sorrow? And who is inside a beautiful girl?

Extant 3 season release date is scheduled for the next year

Extant 1 season immediately caused interest viewers around the world. This is not surprising because at this point in time very popular paintings on the theme of space, the paranormal.

Fans are wondering when will be Extant 3 season premiere? Official comments from the creators of the series have been reported, but we should wait for the end of Extant 2 season.

Extant 3 season release date is expected in July of 2016.

DVD release date of Extant 3 season is planned for autumn of 2016.

Extant 3 season release date on Bluray is scheduled for autumn of 2016.

Watch Extant 2 season release trailer:

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