Episodes Season 5 Release Date

Episodes season 5 release date

Episodes season 5 release date was scheduled by Showtime. Check the information about Episodes season 5 premiere below.

The plot focuses on couple Sean and Beverly Lincoln. They did very interesting and promising an offer they cannot refuse. They will have to make an American version of its successful worldwide British series. The couple went to Los Angeles in order to implement this idea.

Sean and Beverly overwhelmed with emotion. They believe in themselves and in their abilities. Lincoln Family hopeful sent to Hollywood, where are only successful films and TV series. Sean and Beverly will work with real professionals and their neighborhood will be the real stars of world class. This further encourages married couple. But Sean and Beverly still do not know what surprises prepared for them in Hollywood. This machine helps to create films, TV series and TV shows and also keeps a huge amount of secrets. There is always something going on. The work will be difficult, but interesting. But Sean and Beverly, and shall not purposefully go for their dreams.

Episodes season 5 release date was scheduled

During 4 seasons, viewers have closely followed the developments of Episodes series. From the first series, the show attracts attention, causes worry about the fate of the main characters.

That is why everyone is looking forward continuation of the story, the output of the new season, which is scheduled for early 2016.

Episodes Season 5 release date is expected at the beginning of 2016.

DVD release date of Episodes season 5 is scheduled for Q2 of 2016.

Episodes season 5 release date on Bluray is planned for Q2 of 2016.

What are you waiting from Episodes season 5 premiere?

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