DayZ Release Date

DayZ release date

DayZ release date was finally confirmed. DayZ Standalone (the full title of the popular add-on game) will not be earlier than 2016, according to the development plan.

Bohemia Interactive plans to release the final version of the plan to issue DayZ Standalone in the first half of 2016. Earlier, the release was scheduled for the summer of 2015.

Developers are also reminded that the price DayZ Standalone early access Steam will gradually increase in the release of large updates. The final version of the game will cost $ 49.99 (now depending on the region $ 29.99). The first increase will be immediately after the sale on Steam to $ 34.99. The beta version, which should be ready somewhere near the end of 2015, developers will sell with a price tag of $ 43.99.

DayZ release date was finally confirmed

The list of changes in DayZ release:

I quarter 2015: Basic vehicles, advanced distribution of loot, new render, new AI zombies basic stealth mechanics (zombies and animals), the disease and treatment.

II quarter 2015: Expansion of Transport (maintenance and modernization), improved animals (life cycle, behavior in the group), the basic game statistics, a new user interface, the system fatigue, dynamic events

III quarter of 2015: Traps, barricades, life skills and character, predatory animals and birds, air transport, console prototype

IV quarter 2015: Beta, companion animals (dogs, horses), the integration of community SteamWorks (conservation achievements and modifications Steam Workshop), the construction of the system database.

DayZ release date was set for the early 2016.

DayZ release date on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC will probably happen in the same month but at different dates.

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