DanMachi 2 Season Release Date

DanMachi 2 season release date

DanMachi 2 season release date was confirmed. The details are given below.

DanMachi a.k.a. Danjon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Dar? ka 2 season premiere was confirmed.

The Plot:

The brave young man and Bell his entire life dreaming of fame and was looking for a new adventure. He could not understand his destiny hero.  It has Bell who loved everything dangerous and breathtaking. He had a dream that people will appreciate him superpowers.  One day, the hero gets into the dungeon, where he was waiting for the strange and mysterious labyrinth. At this point, everyone is able to find peace of mind and tranquility that has not been able to find on the ground. But Bell not yet knows what the dungeon inhabited by many monsters and creatures with whom he will face.

DanMachi 2 season release date was confirmed

Many dangers will lie in wait for him there. The first guy comes in the way of the Minotaur, in the struggle to which he almost dies. But it makes a real goddess in which Bell falls at first sight. He strongly wants her to show his strength, courage, bravery. Just in time, the guy realizes that he cannot be with his lover, because she is a goddess, and he was a simple man. Bell is trying to find and create various plans that will help him achieve his heart lover. In DanMachi season 2 episode 1 Bell will continue to fight for the heart of his beloved and fight with various dangers and obstacles that will be on its way.

DanMachi 2 season release date will probably happen in fall of 2016. Let’s wait for the official confirmation.

There is no information about the release date of DanMachi 2 season on DVD or Bluray.

While waiting, watch DanMachi 1 season trailer:

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