Criminal Minds 12 Season Release Date

Criminal Minds 12 season release date

Criminal Minds 12 season release date has been announced. The news is disclosed further in the post.

Fox officially announced Criminal Minds 12 season premiere that still be directed by Glenn Kershaw, starring Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Thomas Gibson.

Now everyone is waiting for when it will be possible to watch Criminal season 12 episode 1. There are some rumors that the show will re-appear in fall of 2016.

The Plot

In the United States, at the headquarters of the FBI there is a special unit of special forces, its main function – is the analysis of action potential criminals.

For positions in this department take employees who are able to think as other investigators, they have to put yourself in the role of the offender and make a chronology of events and actions in the future, an increase of 100% makes the disclosure of the case and its neutralization killer.

This division is investigating a greater extent than the usual household crimes, and the more complex and confusing. Supervises a team of experienced officer Jason Gideon, when regular employees are not able to solve the case, comes to the aid of a team of Gideon.

Their principle of action – not any laboratory tests and examinations, according to Jason, it only complicates the disclosure of the case.

Criminal Minds 12 season release date has been announced

They scrutinize the crime scene, make up psychological profiles of criminals, and it helps them out in a few hours on their trail.

It is a portrait – it is the only evidence that either they do not fake unlike planted weapons and so on. Such indirect evidence Gideon calls.

The team gained notoriety after a successful investigation into the mysterious disappearance of three young women in the city of Seattle. In the new season, we are waiting for more mysteries, intrigues, and complex investigations.

Criminal Minds 12 season release date was scheduled by Fox to the end of September of 2016.

DVD and Bluray release date of Criminal Minds 12 season will happen in 2016.

While waiting watch Criminal Minds 11 season trailer:

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