Continuum 4 Season Release Date

Continuum 4 season release date

Continuum 4 season release date has been rumored. Are you waiting for another series of this sci-fi show?

Right now the status of the 4 season of the fiction series on the channel SyFy can be described as uncertain. But given the fact that the last episode watched by more than a million viewers, which is the highest figure of the season, the start of filming of 4 parts of the adventures of gallant defender Keira Cameron is quite possible.

The plot:

The main hero of Continuum is a police officer from the future – Keira Cameron. During the execution of terrorists in 2077, through the time portal criminals escape in 2012. Cyrus got in the past with them, and now she has to track down the problem and return the criminals to justice to be done in due time.

Continuum 4 season release date has been rumored

In August 2014 the writer Barry said that the channel ShowCase has not yet decided the fate of the series. At the beginning of September, the official website of the series Continuum twitter denied rumors of closing the show.

Continuum 4 season release date is scheduled for 2015.

DVD release date of Continuum  4 season is scheduled for February-March of 2016.

Continuum 4 season release date on Bluray has been rumored for April or May of 2016.

The main actress of the show is Rachel Nichols, best known for her works in “Star Trek”, “Autumn in New York” and her partner is Victor Webster known from the series Criminal Minds and White Collar. The idea of the appearance of the series “Continuum” belongs to Simon Barry, who is also the producer and screenwriter of the project.

A lot of the cast of the TV series “Continuum” participated in the creation of such sci-fi epic TV shows as “Stargate” – Lexa Doig, Tony Amendola, Jennifer Spence and Mike Dopud. This transition is likely took place thanks to Jeff King, served as executive producer and screenwriter in these two projects. In addition, one of the parts of the universe “Stargate” was called as “Stargate: Continuum”.

Are you waiting for Continuum 4 season release date?

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