Charlotte 2 Season Release Date

Charlotte 2 season release date

Charlotte 2 season release date was announced. The details are given below.

Charlotte a.k.a. ?????? 2 season release date was rumored. There are also some details about Charlotte 2 season premiere. What to expect from Charlotte season 2 episode 1?

Charlotte was produced by the company Key, supplied by the studio PA Works and Aniplex. The screenplay was written by Jun Maeda, the character design was engaged by the artist working on backgrounds in the company Key Na-Ga, which is also known work on the characters of Angel Beats! and Little Busters !. Broadcasting began in Japan, July 4, 2015, on the channel Animax. Also, based on the anime series in September ASCII Media Works began publishing the manga in the Japanese magazine Dengeki G’s Comic.

Charlotte 2 season release date was announced

The Plot:

The story unfolds in an alternate universe. It had a certain number of adolescents aged 12-16 years; there is a variety of paranormal abilities. One of these adolescents is a guy named Yu Otosaka. Despite the presence of super-powers, the guy living an ordinary school life and their “talents” on display does not, until one fine day meets a girl named Nao Tomori. What will be next? It turns out that these two are not the only one who has the ability and also gifted.

 Charlotte 2 season release date was scheduled for summer of 2016.

There is no news about Charlotte 2 season release date on DVD and Bluray.

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