Chappie 2 Release Date

Chappie 2 release date

Chappie 2 release date was scheduled. Check the details below.

The sci-fi thriller directed by its part-time writer Neill Blomkamp will get the sequel. It seems that Chappie 2 premiere will happen despite the confusing reviews.

The release of the first part appeared on the wide screen in March of 2015. The main role played by Dev Patel known for the role in the acclaimed movie “The Slumdog Millionaire”. The premiere of the first part had very mixed reviews. With a budget of $ 49 million, the world rolled collected 102 million that is not too bad.

Neill Blomkamp during one of press conferences said that the release date of the sequel to Chappie will take place. Also, he plans to shoot the sequel to District 9.

The Plot

A dog is a man’s best friend, but if it is a police robot that is able to analyze the situation and shoot a gun as a homo sapiens, then it can hardly be called a pet. Chappie is a movie about the future, where instead of the police use of advanced robots. But when one of them fails the unusual story unfolds in Johannesburg. They train smart car and used for personal gain.

In the laboratory in Johannesburg produced a super advanced robot police. One of them during a firefight breaks down. This uses an ingenious designer of robots, the robot that takes police from a warehouse of weapons. Man kidnapped by criminals and with it the robot. Downloading computer thinking in the head with a robot dog name, it becomes a child, the parents, and the criminals…

Chappie 2 release date was scheduled

Neill Blomkamp’s movie does not fit the usual profile of science fiction became instructions for some and toilet paper for the remaining people. The tape tells saturated pneumatic humor and action of the future story of gangsters, police and about a brilliant developer. In the film, viewers will see the spectacular shootouts, fights, chases cars and a lot of interesting things. The film is an incredibly advanced graphics in Chappie is designed for those who love science fiction and loves robotics.

Chappie 2 release date will probably happen at the end of 2018.

There is no information about the release date of Chappie 2 on DVD and Bluray.

While waiting for the sequel, please watch Chappie movie trailer 2:

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