Cars 3 Release Date

Cars 3 release date

Cars 3 release date was announced. What is known about the next part from the popular animated movie franchise?

$ 200 million was invested in the second part of the story about Lightning McQueen, exceeding even the budget of Transformers 3. Cars 2 earned about $ 700 million, as clearly exceeded expectations, creators. This success should be a landmark for the production of third wheelbarrows. Already have an official confirmation of the start of work on Cars 3 premiere – the actor Michael Wallis, who voiced “Sheriff” vehicle of this franchise by Pixar, says that currently the third movie is in development:

“Cars 3 … we are back on the road. I just love this job, and all of it inspires”.

Cars 3 release date was announced

At the moment, the studio Pixar is believed to be working on other projects, which are more promising and profitable. According to some Internet resources, the interval between the first and second part of Cars was about 5 years, and most likely Cars 3 will happen in 2017.

Cars 3 release date will probably happen in 2017.

Cars 3 release date on DVD and Bluray will be at the beginning of 2018.

For now watch Cars 2 theatrical trailer:

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