Captain Marvel Release Date

Captain Marvel release date

Captain Marvel release date was confirmed. What this movie will be about? What to expect from another Marvel movie about superheroes?

These questions have answers as Marvel company’s representatives confirmed during the last convention of Marvel Cinematic Universe 2014, that the studio began working on the preparation for production of the first Captain Marvel movie. This motion picture will be included in a series of films known to the fans as “Phase 3”.

What do we know about Captain Marvel?

This superhero is very strong and it’s the first girl to get your film from Marvel. Carol Danvers is an officer in the Air Force, where she was subjected to radiation after the accident, she turns into a super Cree/Human hybrid.

Captain Marvel release date was confirmed

She enjoyed increased popularity in the last decade and is one of the most important characters in the big events of the Marvel. Carol initially calls herself, Ms. Marvel, but its name has changed several times, before it was called Binary, Warbird and at last who stopped at Captain Marvel.

Carol’s abilities are very powerful, and include super strengths, durability and speed, immunity to poisons and toxins. It can be ejected (explosions) of energy from his hands. She an fly at a speed of 6 times the speed of sound. She has a sixth sense that gives it limited foreknowledge of events. Can absorb and release energy (not magical energy).

Captain Marvel release date is July 6, 2018.

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