Black Sails 4 Season Release Date

Black Sails 4 season release date

Black Sails 4 season release date was scheduled by Starz. The details are given below.

If you’re a fan of the pirate series Black Sails, then you are probably wondering when will be Black Sails season 4 episode 1 premiere? This fascinating story will definitely continue for 1 more season, also there are rumors about the production of the fifth season. What are you waiting from Black Sails 4 season premiere?

In early August, the leadership of the channel Starz has officially announced that Season 4 of Black Sails will happen. Channel extended for the fourth season of its popular pirate drama. In addition, it was announced work on a new project with Antonio Banderas – «Havana Quartet», the plot of which is based on the works of a Cuban author Leonardo Padura.

Black Sails 4 season release date was scheduled by Starz

The plot:

In the center of the history of the series are the adventures of Captain Flint and his pirate team. The story is a prequel of the book by Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island”. The show tells of the events that took place two decades before in the history of the famous book.

The heart of the Bahamas is inhabited by the pirates, who make a living in the open robbery. In addition, they have to fight fiercely for life and power in his lair. Pirate Island is full of corruption, robbers, thieves and prostitutes. Here, everyone knows Captain Flint, who is considered one of the most brilliant and fearless pirates of all time.

Black Sails 4 season release date will happen at the beginning of 2017.

There are rumors that Black Sails 4 season release date on DVD and Bluray will occur in Q2 of 2017.

For now watch Black Sails 3 season trailer: 

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