Black Sails 3 Season Release Date

Black Sails 3 season release date

Black Sails 3 season release date has been scheduled and will happen in the end of January. The details are given below.

At the end of September 2014, Starz channel confirmed Black Sails 3 season premiere and started the production. What to expect from Black Sails season 3 episode 1?

The Plot:

Captain Flint is the main character, the cruel “sea wolf”, the leader of the pirate gang. His pirate crew has settled on the island of New Providence and is willing to deliver them from the power of the British crown to proclaim statehood. The captain has been hunted by the British government for his head a reward. In order not to fall behind bars and save the life of pirates trying to get support for Eleanor – the daughter of the local authorities.

The series is based on the classic fiction book “Treasure Island” directed by Sam Miller. Currently, the adventurous saga has 2 seasons. It premiered on January 25, 2014. The decision to continue the filming was made even six months before the release of pictures in the light, as critics predicted the success of the project. Exactly one year after the release of the first episode on the screens out a sequel.

Black Sails 3 season release date has been scheduled

They predicted ratings will be high and the boundless love of the fans.

Black Sails 3 season release date has been announced for January 23, 2016.

DVD and Bluray release date of Black Sails 3 season will happen in 2016.

While waiting, watch Black Sails 3 season trailer:

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