Big Hero 6 Sequel Release Date

Big Hero 6 sequel release date

Big Hero 6 sequel release date has been rumored. The details of the show are disclosed further.

The 3D animated cartoon movie made by Disney Big Hero 6 was released on wide screens in October 2014. The cartoon has been very successful, earned positive feedback or only on the young generation, but also adults.

With a budget of $ 165 million, the world rolled collected more than $650 million, thus, Big Hero 6 is listed in the list of highest-grossing animated films of all time. Right now it became known that Big Hero 6 sequel premiere will also happen along with the animated TV cartoon series.

The details about Big Hero 6 sequel’s storyline:

The plot is based on the animated cartoon comic studio Marvel but at the same time significantly different from the original source. In March 2015, leaked information about the Internet is that the first part of the directors Chris Williams and Don Hall, ready to start working on the sequel to Big Hero 6. But so far there is no official information. At least until 2017, the output is not planned. Learn about upcoming premieres of studio Disney in 2015-2017 years here.

The Plot:

Once smart robots seem human fiction, but today they can not only brew coffee but save people from death. Big Hero 6 is an animated film about a boy-genius, who won the first intelligent robot assistant. Key cartoon character lives in a huge megapolis of San Francisco where once there is a villain that can wipe out a copy of the San Francisco and Tokyo.

Big Hero 6 sequel release date has been rumored

Cartoon tell an interesting and compelling story for children and adults. The plot of the animated film guy named Hero. He has the incredible knowledge to the student, so it offers a junior elder brother to go to university.

Hero must go through a competitive selection, to acquire knowledge in the perfect university, but enrolling in an educational institution, he learns the awful truth that could destroy his hometown, San Francisco. Cartoon interesting because it has a lot of real scientific research.

Big Hero 6 will appeal to all who love super heroes. In the cartoon audience will see many interesting things: the chase on motorcycles, an incredible invention of the protagonist, a flight to the assembled robot, the battle with the enemy, and more. The animated movie Big Hero 6 is one of the best cartoons published in recent years by Disney. Watch with children and friends and better in 3D.

Big Hero 6 sequel release date was scheduled for Q3 of 2018.

There is no information about the release date of Big Hero 6 on DVD or Bluray.

While waiting, please watch Big Hero 6 movie trailer 2:

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