Beowulf 1 Season Release Date

Beowulf 1 season release date

Beowulf 1 season release date was scheduled.  What to expect from this epic fantasy show?

This question is asked by those who know about this ancient Anglo-Saxon epic poem and wants to see a new series based on ITV plot.

In early April 2015 British TV channel ITV began shooting new series Beowulf Season 1 (Beowulf). In the first season is planned to create 13-Th hour episodes. The script for the TV series created by renowned show runner James Dormer previously created such series as “The Three Musketeers”.  They are shooting the TV series will take place in England in County Durham and Northumberland.

Beowulf 1 season release date was scheduled


Beowulf is a Scandinavian warrior (Denmark and Sweden) who comes to visit the castle Heorot to pay their respect for the dead king Hrotgeru. At this time, begin the attack on the inhabitants of the kingdom terrible monster named Grendel. Brave warrior two meter should start the hunt for the creature and in addition make a lot of brilliant feats of which the same battle with the dragon. In addition to epic battles in the series will be shown and the moral evaluation of life of Beowulf which goes a long way to understanding human values.

Beowulf 1 season release date was planned for autumn and winter 2015.

DVD release date of Beowulf 1 season is expected in January of 2016.

Beowulf 1 season release date on Bluray is scheduled for the middle term of 2016.

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