Before I Wake Release Date

Before I Wake release date

Before I Wake release date has been scheduled. Check the detailed information below.

Probably there is no such person who at least not once thought about how real his nightmares are. Of course, fans of the horror genre would expect the picture with such plot to be released. But those who are interested in horror depicting nightmares, there is every reason for them to expect Before I Wake premiere. This movie entwines the features of classic horror and psychological drama.

Before I Wake release date has been scheduled

The Plot

The audience will get acquainted with a young couple, whose life was a tragedy – his wife had lost her young son. But they did not give up and decide to take shelter from the eight-year child. Their adopted son Cody seems to be a wonderful boy. But for some mysterious reason, he was terribly afraid of falling asleep at night. It soon becomes clear that Cody is a rare gift. Every night, while he slept, his dreams turn into reality. There comes to life the most pleasant vision, which can only come up with the imagination of children, and the most terrible nightmares. The problem is that Cody nightmares are dangerous for everyone who lives in this house.

The cast includes Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane.

Before I Wake release date was scheduled for September 25, 2015.

There is the information that Before I Wake release date will happen in November 2015.

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