Banshee 5 Season Release Date

Banshee 5 season release date

Banshee 5 season release date was scheduled by Cinemax. Catch the details in the following post.

The director Ole Christian Madsen prepared Banshee 5 season premiere for “Cinemax” back in 2017.

For three years, the US writer David Shikler pleases fans an extraordinary and thrilling story that will be continued in Banshee season 5 episode 1.

After the negotiations, the same cast will officially take part in Banshee 5 season premiere. The fifth season of 10 episodes will feature Antony Starr, Lily Simmons, Frankie Faison, Hong Li and Ulrich Thomsen.

The Plot:

In the story, the protagonist Hood Lucas previously served a prison sentence in a maximum security prison for theft on a large scale, after his release, he went out of the schedule. He had to move to a remote town in Pennsylvania called Banshee.

The move was planned as a shelter by his former associates, which previously gave Lucas. Arriving in a new city, he is misleading the local authorities and in view of the death of the last sheriff fraud rises to that position, ostensibly for her has been specially seconded from the center.

Banshee 5 season release date was scheduled by Cinemax

Pulp past Lucas soon makes itself felt, criminals and his former comrades did not forget about the despicable betrayal, and sent to find him, to commit an act of vengeance.

Soon, there happens skirmishes and serious confrontation between the newly made law minister and his former friends.

The town of quiet when the town is transformed into a battlefield, the local population is covered by fear and panic. Death and murder are commonplace, whether the protagonist will cope with the situation show the new season.

Banshee 5 season release date will happen in April of 2017.

There is no information about the release date of Banshee 5 season on DVD or Bluray.

While waiting, watch Banshee 3 season trailer:

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