Awkward 5 Season Release Date

Awkward 5 season release date

Awkward 5 season release date was confirmed. During the previous 4 season of the popular teen-aimed show past MTV had surprisingly good ratings so the show will be prolonged for another season at least.

The plot of this comedy of youth – a 15-year-old schoolgirl named Jenna. She becomes very popular in her school, because everyone believes that she tried to commit suicide. When in fact she just had a car accident.

Awkward 5 season release date was confirmed

MTV has officially announced the extension of the comedy show Awkward the fifth season, which will be the last. It is known that 5 season will be divided into two parts. The fourth season of the show gathered an average of 1.19 million. Spectators, which is slightly less than the previous season.

Recall that this series was the winner of the popular American Award “People’s Choice Awards” as a “Favorite comedy show on the cable channel”.

Awkward 5 season release date is spring of 2015.

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