Aquarius 2 Season Release Date

Aquarius 2 season release date

Aquarius 2 season release date was finally confirmed.  Get the details below.

At the end of May 2015, there was a new detective series Aquarius, the main role where is performed by the popular TV actor David Duchovny. Fans of great criminal shows rather want to know when will be Aquarius 2 season release date.

The Plot:

The plot of this detective series is based on the true history of the “Family”, which was led by psychopath Charles Manson. The events begin in 1967. The protagonist of the series, Sam begins to investigate the kidnapping of the daughter of a prominent lawyer.

The investigation is also led by Sam’s colleagues who work undercover among teenage hippie. Together, the detective comes to Charles Manson, who gathered at his ranch a group of “teens”. Among these kids, he promotes a culture of hippies, drugs and dub-con group sex. Two years later, the show of brutal murders that are committed followers of Manson cause shudders of horror all over America.

Aquarius 2 season release date was finally confirmed

The main roles in the series are performed by David Duchovny, Claire Holt, Emma Dumont, Grey Damon, Chance Kelly, Carl Conti Michaela McManus, Tara Barr, David Munier, Whitney Rose Pinn.

Even before the start of the first season, the creators hinted at the possibility of Aquarius 2 season release date. We are waiting for their official statements.

Aquarius 2 season release date is expected in spring 2016 (possibly).

DVD release date of Aquarius 2 season will probably be scheduled for summer of 2016.

Aquarius 2 season release date on Bluray will be then planned for summer of 2016.

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