Ant-Man 2 Release Date

Ant-Man 2 release date

Ant-Man 2 release date has been rumored, but not yet specified. It is clear that Marvel will continue shooting this quite successful movie franchise.

In 2015, Ant-Man premiered on the big screen. The fans have known about the cinematic adaptation of the history of this superhero from Marvel comic universe became known for a long time. For now there is some unofficial news about Ant-Man 2 premiere that can happen in the closest 2-3 years.

The Plot:

The story is told from what began a new way of super-hero. Hank Pym created a suit Ant-Man, over the years the superhero Hank Pym knew it was time to move into the shade and give new life to his suit. Having made the decision to transfer his powers to Scott, a former criminal who was recently released from jail, Pym began to teach him everything that he knew. And he was not scared that Scott criminal record, besides Scott himself, decided to start life with the clean slate, and fate gave him the chance to become a new ant-man.

Ant-Man 2 release date has been rumored

The moviemakers have not yet shared their plans about the sequel to the movie. But it is quite possible that in a few years on the screens will appear Ant-Man 2, but not earlier than 2018.

Presumable Ant-Man 2 release date is somewhere in 2018. We will update as soon as we will have more information.

Ant-Man 2 release date on DVD and Bluray is expected somewhere in the Q3 of 2018.

While you are waiting watch Ant-Man movie trailer 2:

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