Anno 2205 Release Date

Anno 2205 release date

Anno 2205 release date was confirmed. Ubisoft announced a town-building simulator Anno 2205 during their E3 press conference.

Every self-respecting fan of PC strategy knows about Anno franchise. This series provides a magnificent urban simulation with elements of the economic strategy of the German school. All fans of Anno franchise, Ubisoft has made a truly nice gift: announced Anno 2205 premiere.

It is not difficult to guess that in Anno 2205 we will be playing in the relatively distant future. The game continues the successful idea, inherent in Anno 2070, and will develop it by adding new gameplay elements. So, the game will be a kind of space race. Developing space technology, our settlers can go from the Earth to the moon to mine and process it so necessary to mankind resource – helium-3. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are waiting for fusion and virtually limitless source of energy. It’s just a holiday for you!

Anno 2205 release date was confirmed

If you take the full version), this game, no matter how excellent it may be, is not objectively necessary. And access to the beta-testing during the design of the pre-order does not change.

Anno 2205 release date and premiere are scheduled for November 3, 2015.

Anno 2205 release date is expected exclusively on PC.

Anno 2205 release date on PS4/PS3 or Xbox 360/Xbox One has not yet been announced.

What will you wait from Anno 2205 premiere and release date?

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