Animals 1 Season Release Date

Animals 1 season release date

Animals 1 season release date was announced by HBO. The details are given below.

Mike Luciano, Eric Andre, Scott Aukerman, Neil Casey, Jet Eveleth and Mary Holland will participate in Animals 1 season premiere. What to expect from Animals season 1 episode 1? The show will be directed by Mike Luciano, Phil Metariz and Wesley Archer.

The Plot:

This is the new animated TV show.  Depressed animals are considered the property of the house cold streets of New York, have problems in your personal life, this is what makes them so similar to humans. Pigeons, rats and other animals are almost never paid attention to.

Animals 1 season release date was announced by HBO

Animals are the crazy TV show with the hilarious brief conversations, problem solving, which is full of hard life in this world. If you listen, you can find a lot of answers and draw conclusions about the positive and negative sides of the presence of certain species of animals, particularly those whom we, in fact, we do not notice in our daily life. But every new, life began on this planet has the wish to be happy.

Animals 1 season release date was scheduled by HBO for February 5, 2016.

There is no news about the release date of Animals 1 season on DVD and Bluray but it will probably happen somewhere in summer of 2016.

While waiting, please watch Animals 1 season trailer:

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