Android 6.0 Release Date

Android 6.0 release date

Android 6.0 release date was announced.

Many users of smartphones and tablets have already been using Android 5.0 (simply called as Lollipop). But there are those who do not stop there and ask questions when will Android 6.0 be released? There is a bit of information about Android 6.0 release date.

Details about Android 6.0.:

According to rumors from Chinese sources, Chiphell is dealing with hardware work on the sixth version of Android along with the developers from Google. It is already under way and although before the sixth version we will see Android 5.1 update tentatively winter 2015.

The new sixth version of Android OS will have a capital letter «M» in its name (rumors). According to a report from the agency Reuters – Android 6.0 (Android M) will have a significant impact on the work in the software Google’s Android Auto. This functionality can be built into the new car models as standard, without the need to connect your phone. The first wave of vehicles for integration with Android Auto arrive next year (we’ll probably see them at CES 2015), but these early cars will run on Android Lollipop, this system users will have access to music, maps, navigation, and everything else.

Android 6.0 release date was announced

It should be noted that in June 2015 annual conference will be held exhibition Google I/O which can be represented in more information about Android 6.0.

What does “M” mean? 

Also in the network runs plenty of speculation about the name of the acronym «M». Here are some of them: Android Milky Bar, Android Milky Way, Android Marshmallow, Android M & Ms, Android Mud Cake, Android Meh.

Android 6.0 release date is October/November of 2015.

What do you think about Android M? Is it too early?

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