Adventure Time 8 Season Release Date

Adventure Time 8 season release date

Adventure Time 8 season release date has been confirmed. The details are given below.

Cartoon Network will continue to produce their most popular cartoon series and announced Adventure Time 8 season premiere.

Since the pilot episode of the show took place more than five years ago, the creators of wonderful cartoon do not change the traditions and delight fans of the new series and very soon we will be able to watch Adventure Time season 8 episode 1.

At the moment the audience to view six and finished seventh season, according to some information, the latest episodes of the show which will be held in March-April of this year.

The Plot

The story is set in the fairy-tale fantasy world, which undoubtedly attracted to the screen as a small generation and older children.

The main characters of thirteen teenagers named Finn and his faithful friend, a real friend, and assistant Jake Funny dog live in the fantastic country.

What is this fictional world similar to the real, local children are crazy about video games, play sports – roller-skating and listening to music on the player?

In addition, every citizen has a fabulous country, the specific feature that makes this world fantastic.

Adventure Time 8 season release date has been confirmed

The ability of Jake – an acceptance of any form, as if it is made of rubber, as this world is full of monsters, most of which are good, not evil as usual. Vampires do not drink blood, they drink red.

The vast twenty-meter giant stomach problems, due to the fact that he ate a lot of hedgehogs, who now live in his stomach.

And of course, the favorite activities of the main characters of the cartoon – it’s an exciting adventure on the rescue rescuing a beautiful princess from the clutches of the terrible monster.

Adventure Time 8 season release date will probably happen in April of 2017.

There is no information about the release date of Adventure Time 8 season on DVD and Bluray.

While waiting, watch Adventure Time 7 season trailer:

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