300: Rise of an Empire Release Date

300: Rise of an Empire release date

300: Rise of an Empire release date was announced. The details are described below.

The long-anticipated final movie of the trilogy of the ancient Greece and the reign of King Xerxes. The first film based on a comic book story about the battle of 300 Spartans led by King Leonidas with a huge army of Persians depicted in graphic novels by the authors Lynn Varley and Frank Miller.

The first movie was released back in 2006, the picture was a huge success with a budget of 65 million, has collected almost half a billion dollars.

300: Rise of an Empire release date was announced

The long-awaited second part of the battle was released in March 2014, after seven years. Even with vigorous budgets of 110 million, but by the standards of counting to compare with budgets similar to the epic cinema in 2014, it is not enough.

The sequel was not as successful as its predecessor, the world’s charges barely exceeded 300 million if you count how much the studio Atmosphere Entertainment MM will spend for the marketing costs, it is clear the film paid for itself and gave quite a bit of money to the creators.

300: Rise of an Empire release date was scheduled for 2018. Let’s wait for the official confirmation.

300: Rise of an Empire release date on Bluray and DVD.

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