12 Monkeys 2 Season Release Date

12 Monkeys 2 season release date

12 Monkeys 2 season release date was confirmed by SyFy. What to expect from the second season of the show?

In the late period of 2014 the channel SyFy presented its viewers a new fiction series called “12 Monkeys”. Will there be a sequel to this story?

The plot of a new series of SyFy channel is based on the eponymous movie produced in 1995, the main role in which he played by the actor Bruce Willis.

The show’s actor Aaron Stanford hinted at the possibility of entering the second season. He said that the story can continue “to start absolutely anywhere”.

12 Monkeys 2 season release date was confirmed by SyFy

In addition, he noted that the film crew and the writers have to figure out the future direction of history in time. Open finale of the first season will leave opportunities for the development of history in the second season. Stanford said: “I have not discussed with the writers of their plans for Season 2, but you know they are steadily expanding story of the first season. I think that we can get at least three seasons for the development of the plot. So, where we plot the series lead in the 2nd season, we can only guess”.

Let’s wait for official statements SyFy channel management on the future of the series. Follow our updates.

12 Monkeys 2 season release date is very beginning of 2016 (approximately).

DVD release date of 12 Monkeys 2 season is expected for March of 2016.

12 Monkeys 2 season release date on Bluray is scheduled for summer of 2016.

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